What is Stormwater?

When it rains, water hits the grass, trees, roads and sidewalks.
• When it hits the grass, the rain goes into the ground.
• When it hits the sidewalks, roads and buildings, the rain runs into the street and becomes stormwater.
• Stormwater runs down the street and into storm drains which flows into the rivers, lakes and streams.
• Along the way it picks up Pollutants.

What is a Pollutant?

• Things that can make people, fish and animals sick if it is in the water.
• Pollutants include trash, dog poop, chemicals used on our lawn and gardens, dirt, oils and greases from our cars.

Our Job: Clean Up the Water!

How do we do that?
• We want to make sure only rain goes down the drain.
• Sweep the streets; don’t let people pour bad things (Pollutants) into the street.

How can YOU help?
• Become a Drain Ranger.
• Pick up dog poop – be sure to use a bag!
• Wash your car at a car wash or on the grass instead of driveway.
• Use less chemicals on your lawn or garden.
• View this video to learn more!

Coloring & Activity Books

Stay entertained and learn more about being a Drain Ranger with our fun activity and coloring books. Perfect for a raining day or Summer time fun.

Be a Drain Ranger Coloring & Activity Book
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A Fish’s Wish – A tale of polluted runoff and how to prevent it.
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play the storm drain game!