Auto Repair

Rain and water runoff from automotive shops and businesses can carry pollutant material into storm drains. Examples of pollutants include oil and grease from cars, copper and asbestos from worn brake linings, zinc from tires and toxics from spilled fluids. What can you do to prevent stormwater pollution?

  • Operate a clean, dry shop
  • Sweep shop floor frequently; do not hose down
  • Clean up spills promptly using absorbent materials
  • Never sweep or flush wastes into sanitary sewer or storm drain
  • Prevent spills and leaks
  • Drain fluids from leaking vehicles as soon as possible
  • Use drip pans
  • Store bulk or waste fluids in secondary containment
  • Practice waste reduction and recycling
  • Store parts and equipment inside or in enclosed areas
  • If work or materials storage must be done outdoors, cover or berm work areas
  • Wash or rinse parts indoors in designated, contained areas
  • Never dispose of automotive fluids in the sanitary sewer or storm drain
  • Train employees to practice pollution prevention; post best management practice guidelines around the shop